An easy A Harmonic Minor lick 

Here is a link to a youtube video I did for a guitar lesson site a few years ago. I will be posting more. It's a harmonic minor lick. The tonal center can be A but other options exist such as E Phyrgian Major. 

A good time to use this lick is when playing over an Am (a c e) chord or an AmMAj7 (a c e g#). To create an even cooler sound use it over the E7 (e g# b d) chord or an E7b9 (e g# b d f). When you get the lick down play it over a backing track in A minor. After you are comfortable with it move the…

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Want to know where Cavanagh is and with who?

Want to know where Cavanagh is and with who?


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 9/11/23 More dates for the Milleridge Inn are coming stay Tuned

9/10/23 Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows this week. We all had a great time and truly appreciate you being there. 



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