An easy A Harmonic Minor lick 

Here is a link to a youtube video I did for a guitar lesson site a few years ago. I will be posting more. It's a harmonic minor lick. The tonal center can be A but other options exist such as E Phyrgian Major. 

A good time to use this lick is when playing over an Am (a c e) chord or an AmMAj7 (a c e g#). To create an even cooler sound use it over the E7 (e g# b d) chord or an E7b9 (e g# b d f). When you get the lick down play it over a backing track in A minor. After you are comfortable with it move the…

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Want to know where Cavanagh is and with who?

Want to know where Cavanagh is and with who?


Thomas Cavanagh News

Thomas Cavanagh was on the show DCITY LIVE with Walking the Line March 5th. A Replay of the show is available here:

The debut self titled Emerald Rising Album is available on Vinyl! Limited EMERALD GREEN vinyl. Order yours today at its also available on CD and for download on iTunes and many other download platforms. 

Check out the new Emerald Rising video for the song Going Under here 

Check out has lots of new updates and 2021 show dates. has been updated. New dates and new pictures added. Much more coming. 

Bad Animals appeared on the debut episode of DCITY LIVE. CLICK THIS LINK TO CHECK IT OUT!

The new Jones Crusher album Weird and Strange was produced by Thomas Michael Cavanagh and he even appears as a guest vocalist and slide whistle player. This is an awesome album. Check back for availability. 

The Knottie Boys released a new video for the song Do it again which is from their debut album Modern Day Vampire which was produced by Thomas Michael Cavanagh. Check it out here


The Emerald Rising new video for FAR AWAY can be viewed here


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